I carve my life in metal shards –
Each shard silently marking
The cutting symmetry
In fleeting shapes
Of a candle.

Walk with me, sand, link my steps –
Chain and ball on my ankles,
Leading me through the storm
Giving me the passing purpose of sanity
And warmth.

Alone, in the many starred sea,
Breaking the shadows, there come the white sails –
War mark’d and torn by thunders.
Return to shore, give us back
The light.

This is in memory of the past who holds us firm and gives us faith. In memory of Yuri Gagarin, who reached the stars for us, of the 5 million who gathered at Woodstock, of rev. ML King Jr. who said „I have a dream!”, and not least of Mantovani and his orchestra, playing „Misty”, „Sweet Leilani”, or „Tulips of Amsterdam”