Rust streams from dusk’s prelude
Enter slowly, reaving the light away.
Ashes fall, wind swept with the day –
Dust settling on the scorched sand.

Thieving waves steal shivers from you.
Hear their moans as you break from their hold,
End their untold beauty and will –
End my world as you break from my arms,
Nesting peace in my dream of war,
Dreaming on while my sleep grows savage.

Sea shadows will follow me through –
Oaring across the storm, tearing the waters apart.
Figurines in the sand will hold us:
The wonderful, godly in love – in their keeping:
Hardened by time and afraid of nothing.

End my world as you forget all that is,
Was and would be for me out there –
Oaring across the storm, to reach you.
Reach me instead, with a wing touch and find
Light flowing through the veins of my will.
Dream on in my sleep – this is I:

I, who shall never stop
Never begin to doubt,
Reaver of light,
Ever darker, ever more tempting!

Void covers the water, stars cover the void,
Eerie wonders reflecting into the deep.
Round shapes of the moon embrace you,
Shimmering on the waves, as you stand –
Even and calm, as the still, cosmic beauty.