Love me like a wolf, like a river,
Till the night ends, flow through my arms.

Dawn for me, as the raging, burning sun,
Breaks loose from the starry chains.

Do this creation once again, whisper for me
Wonders and fortunes to live by
Never end. never become
Part of this Universe – or I will rest still and perish.

With my hand, draw your body on a canvas of paper,
Life flowing through my fingers,
Death waiting at the edges of the painting.

Won’t you capture this moment for all time? Won’t you…
Find the true image in your memory –
Us, running through the field, with wolves and flowers,
Crying, embraced, gentle, with no tomorrow to die for.

…and then he drew the holy symbol with the stick on the sand bed, in a single, smooth, continous stroke. Then he drew the characters I had just deciphered on the path of the holy symbol. Then he showed me the heart of the Symbol and I stood there in disbelief. The Mona Lisa factor, again!