Immense light, shimmering through my closing eye lids.
Smell of grass
Then the sound of your bare feet running, close to me –
A flower in your hair,

Your warm hand on my face.
Fade to black.

Music, generous, feverish, played ever for richer, endless seconds
Senselessly blooming for poorer souls than ours,
Making us dream, making us wish –
Bending the paths of the waves, so we can finally meet.
Our breaths playing in the orchestra, our hearts beating to the grand finale.
Fades, again.

Water, salted, playful
Caught in a moment of stillness,
On a painting – running down the Harlequin’s face.

Burying the sand and the air in sickness, in madness,
Seeking fear in happiness and in health seeking pain.

Faith, forgiveness –
That if I loved you more, then the Angels would’ve helped my voice sing
That if I fought longer, then the Titans would’ve helped my weary arms
That if I held you tighter, then my Life would’ve left me –
My Life would have hidden in you, to have and to hold, at last, a place of its own.