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Milonga incepe cu doi oameni dansand, incet inchizand ochii. Comunismul incepe cu lumea intreaga deschizand ochii.

„Guarda i girasoli: loro si inchinano al sole, ma se uno è troppo inchinato vuol dire che è morto. Tu sei un servitore, non un servo. Servire è l’arte suprema. Dio è il primo servitore; Lui è il servitore di tutti gli uomini, ma non è il servo di nessuno.”

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My dear Jo,

The world is still turning, after yesterday’s assault – it snows with rare, small, icy flakes, and it is cold. It helps to look up, at the gray clouds and the columns of thick smoke, waving in the wind like the sails of a ship.
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Darius sat down near the cherry tree in his garden. The old man looked at the falling petals and through them at the clear sky. He tried to pierce the blue shell of air, as the radio announced, on the background of a laborer’s march, that Youri Gagarin had braved the unknown and is now speaking from Earth’s orbit. Lucas, Darius’ youngest grandson was playing with a loud metal toy, picturing a space rocket. Two neighbors were arguing over the short fence, their two dogs barking at each other, in support. A fire truck siren started to wail and, as the sun reached the edge of the house and just threw the first rays at Darius, a V formation of storks speared over the waking city – and one of them broke from formation and headed towards the old nest, on top the charred chimney.

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Vremea e sa-i spun!
Ea sa ma priveasca –
Uscat si minunat de lumina
Atras in urzeala senina a celor 2 litere
Evoluate si simplificate,
Iscate din visele mele,
Ezoterice si salbatice.

Fara tine, m-am plimbat prin parcul acoperit de zapada, ascultand pasii ce treceau pe langa mine, sperand sa ma cheme de undeva vocea ta, sperand sa se opreasca si langa mine pasii cuiva si sa ma intrebe – „pe cine astepti?” – si eu sa-i raspund ca te astept pe tine, ca sa-ti pot rosti numele si sa-i spun ca te iubesc si sa-mi raspunda ca fac bine ceea ce fac, sa-mi mai dea o zi de curaj.

Fara tine, am privit banca pe care ai stat si am curatat zapada de pe ea. M-am indepartat de ea si am privit-o, pana cand a devenit firesc in mintea mea sa fie goala, fara tine. Dar a durat doar o secunda. Mi-am dat seama ca nu pot sa ma obisnuiesc cu imaginea aceea, pentru ca am simtit cum o secunda de erezie mi-a insangerat o bucata de timp din viata, prin simpla ei succesiune intre celelalte secunde.
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There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

Our wings spread wide, o’er the seas we’ll ride
Braving those angry skies
One day in spring, the sunset’ll bring
The light of joy in our eyes.
And though I’m lost and far
I’ll shine with each shining star.

Tears fall tonight…
But when the dawn comes up

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

There’ll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
When my world is free

The sun will rise from the deep
The valley will bloom again
My soul will lie down to sleep
In its own little heart again

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

Dear Jo,

Jo, my dearest Jo, я люблю вас, je t’aime tant –

My heart is lighter when I say these things to you. And I waited so long, the fool I was! – an autumn with three campaigns in the Airborne, 23 dogtags taken from dead enemies and 16 lost comrades.

I came here with the cold, reasonable explanation that it was meant to be. I left home – I left you, with the serenity and wisdom of one who knows this is just a part of all our lives and there will be many other parts. I knew those parts well too, they were my creation and yours. I went to war because it was a piece of everyone’s life and I had done everything right until that moment, so this just fit in, like a piece of the jigsaw. I would come home, when it was over, with stories of battle to tell our grandchildren.

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In the field with flowers I sleep,
A thin thread of my life painting the blooming petals red –
It leaves my fading heartbeat
To the valley and the rivers and the wonderful tales
That I see unfurling below, in all their beauty.

From a soldier’s last standAlone
I wish to tell you –
That life is grand
That you should be
As happy as you can be.

That there are valleys and fields
And rivers to see, every spring;
And flowers to smell
And oceans to sail on.

That there is music
To dream away
Every second
And every sound of your life.

I wish that, as you learn
The simple things I could not teach you,
When night falls and you go to sleep
You whisper them to me
With kindness, in your prayer.

I wish that, as my story rushes by
On the shores between here and there –
I may hear your voice, in love with me again.