In the field with flowers I sleep,
A thin thread of my life painting the blooming petals red –
It leaves my fading heartbeat
To the valley and the rivers and the wonderful tales
That I see unfurling below, in all their beauty.

From a soldier’s last standAlone
I wish to tell you –
That life is grand
That you should be
As happy as you can be.

That there are valleys and fields
And rivers to see, every spring;
And flowers to smell
And oceans to sail on.

That there is music
To dream away
Every second
And every sound of your life.

I wish that, as you learn
The simple things I could not teach you,
When night falls and you go to sleep
You whisper them to me
With kindness, in your prayer.

I wish that, as my story rushes by
On the shores between here and there –
I may hear your voice, in love with me again.