I know, oh, Lord, there’s light to come,
The white embrace that heals all.

And in my metal vestment I kneel each day
In darkness. Words still shine
Upon the blade, and in my chalice
Filled with wine, her mark is plain revealed
Through smearing rain, a world away
From Mona Lisa.

I know one summer day will be
For me alone to feel the world again –
With warmth and skies
Of diamond clarity.

And for those all, I taste the ice
On shards of blue, reflecting steel,
On crumbs of bread she touched
In memory.
And through the storm, alone I speed
A weed, to stain
The neatly ordered Universe.

Hear my psalm:

There will be a day
When You will say : – Rise!
And my knees will know
And the cross of my sword will support me.

There will be an hour
When You will say : – Believe!
And my arms will hold steady
And my chest will not fail me.

There will be a time in this world
As fast as a wolf’s dash through the white snow,
As loud as the tempest over the stone of the mountain,
As grand as the fabric of my fighting heart, that You gave me –
When You will say : – You shall live!

Oh, Lord, I measure faith
With my own being, whole, as it was born
The day You gave it love.