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Jo, darling,

I limped into the improvised bunker, to write this. Commercial transmission is still online, but probably not for long. We have a couple of hours till the first armored columns arrive. Earlier this morning, the 7th and 12th army regrouped a few miles behind our position. We thought they were massing for another assault, so the captain signaled our position and required med-evac. The answer was negative. They said, if possible, clear the area pending a full scale engagement – and join the paratroopers. They left me and two other men behind, in the entrenched houses and they went east, towards the enemy line, where the para division would drop later this afternoon.
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One – „Politics”

‘Tis hurtful to have such a life
As poor I : to be born before my fathers
In caves with not a light or whisper
And then rejected as a fool –
Then once more hammered into might:
A sound for starvlings, in their slumber
To rise and steel their sickle arm
The best of animals to reign
Over the mild and peaceful farm.

Two – „Number twenty”

This is a game of numbers
For lumber counting beavers
In feverish condition.
Its mission is to lock
A line within a zero
Then add the title letter
(And there’s no laughing matter)
For, firmly as a rock
Of the Olympus falling,
I love the answer dearly
If it should find the answer.

Three – „Opposite from the beautiful queen”

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder – is it far
To be half a world around
And so pretty on the ground
Folding on the slightest touch.

Carry swiftly all my faith
On the starry sky across
Lined around my loved one’s neck,
As a fairy, weary arm
Of the twinkling silver cross.

Four – „Among the people”

This place, that I want you to guess
Is where I created the world.
A grandmother to all of my people
A weaver to challenge the Gods
I live in metamorphoses.

And slowly, with patience, my place
I’ve built with noiseless wonder.

Five – „The foolish Ignis”

Oh she’s no fool, but with her light
I was left blind – and quite unseen
Guess who put fairy dust on me.
For that, you see – and for luck’s sake
Oh dear, I should pay a mere night
And for the five a’riddle here
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Robin shall restore amends.

If you were a cowboy I would be
The prairie, ‘round you, unfolding.

If you were a piece of wood, then I would be a stone
A safer place, alone, for you to sleep.

If you were a sailboat I would sail with you
The gentle waves that vanish when you’ve passed.

If you were a river I would hold you,
Under my breast of silk and air.

If you were a house I would fill your windows
With days you’ve never lived before.

If you were a preacher then, in years
I’d slowly turn to be your sky.

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Sunrise and Sunset The sun dawns, with lavender
And it sets, with sand –
Our faces, all colored in summer petals.