I know, oh, Lord, there’s light to come,
The white embrace that heals all.

And in my metal vestment I kneel each day
In darkness. Words still shine
Upon the blade, and in my chalice
Filled with wine, her mark is plain revealed
Through smearing rain, a world away
From Mona Lisa.

I know one summer day will be
For me alone to feel the world again –
With warmth and skies
Of diamond clarity.

And for those all, I taste the ice
On shards of blue, reflecting steel,
On crumbs of bread she touched
In memory.
And through the storm, alone I speed
A weed, to stain
The neatly ordered Universe.

Hear my psalm:

There will be a day
When You will say : – Rise!
And my knees will know
And the cross of my sword will support me.

There will be an hour
When You will say : – Believe!
And my arms will hold steady
And my chest will not fail me.

There will be a time in this world
As fast as a wolf’s dash through the white snow,
As loud as the tempest over the stone of the mountain,
As grand as the fabric of my fighting heart, that You gave me –
When You will say : – You shall live!

Oh, Lord, I measure faith
With my own being, whole, as it was born
The day You gave it love.


Dor, doinas, cu glas de miere
Cantecel din cer rastoarna
Cu un varf strengar de fluier
De prin iarna, -n vant si suier
Sufletul marunt sa-mi cearna!

Si din aripi mici de noapte
Strange-mi luna stravezie.
Da-i si chip si-apoi mi-o lasa
Prinsa-n brate strans, frumoasa –
Loc pe piept de bucurie.

Si de-i sunt otel, tu fa-ma
Fir de-argint pentru vioara.
De-i sunt gust de poame-amare
Fa-ma ruga de iertare.
De-i e dor, fa sa n-o doara.

Dor, doinas, din drag croieste-mi
Vers de-alint si de matase,
Scris cu zumzet de albine –
Sa-si petreaca-n gand cu mine
Zborul zilelor ramase.

Da-mi, de dor, sa-i dorm prin vise
Doamne, -o noapte printre toate!
Vise verzi, ori coapte poate,
De sub pleoapele inchise –

Sa-i culeg. Si-mi las-o, Sfinte,
Sub o coasta, langa soare:
Cand imi plange, cand ma doare
S-o rasar pe cer, cuminte.

Da-mi din trupul dragei mele
Doar un strop – si, din faptura,
Fa-ma umbra si ma-ndura
In padurea Ta de stele.

S-o privesc, sa-i fac din ceata
Pe obraji loc de soptire;
Sa-i fiu fir de basm, subtire
Cand de suflet mi se-agata.

Si, din gheata de izvoare,
Fa-i ocean, sa-i fiu eu zare!

(umila variatiune la „Cantecul de adormit Mitzura„)


Plutind, intaiul fir de ceata
Se-aprinde-ncet, cand, printre flori
De pleoape somnul ti se-agata
Si-n lume-ncet si bland cobori.

Rotind cărarea printre gene,
Un roi de fluturi te cuprind
Se-ascund si iar se afla-alene,
Amurgul vremii-ncetinind.

Din visul tau imi iau lumina
Cu gustul stelelor din geam –
Doar rasuflarea ta sa-mi tina
Viu dorul luptei ce-mi doream.

Şi printre undele-aromate
Trecand furis printre secunde-
Rasar prin cosmos nestemate
Si sufletu-mi desir in unde.

Si cosmosul vrajit se strange
In urma caii catre tine
Si-n preajma simt, adulmec sange
Si-alerg si tac, mi-i zor si bine.

Mi-i zbor in suflet si-mi e lama
De-argint privirea din oglinda
Cu luna-n ochi m-ascut, mi-e teama
Durerea ta sa ma cuprinda.

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M-ai trezit, preschimbandu-mi rasuflarea in conuri de brad
Mi-ai furat visele si mi le-ai facut valuri
Mi-ai cantat si mi-ai infiorat pietrele peste care pasesc.

Si privindu-te adormita
Ti-am luat mireasma pe trupul meu
Si am purtat-o cu mine, pe fereastra deschisa,
peste iarba proaspat cosita din gradina,
peste gardul de lemn, pe sub care trece un parau,
peste varfurile brazilor, tremurand de vant si de zborul meu
peste poteci si luminisuri si rauri
peste stanci
peste varfurile muntilor, cele albe.

Acolo m-am oprit, sub cer, si am lasat mireasma ta sa se infiripe, in lume, din varful cel mai inalt.

Am zburat inapoi langa tine, ducand cu mine frig si minunatie
Si nu te-am trezit, doar te-am prefacut in dragoste
Si am fost lumea de la picioarele tale
Visand, mereu, in mijlocul noptii.

On the river bank stood Ky
As your Goddess, oh, Earth, as your
Sensual hourglass. And she let go,from her fragrant arms
One drop of blood after another, with faith and will –
To be one with the stream, to run and to hide, to scream, then to hold
The wonders of life in her chest. Ky whispered of me
To the leaves, while the water played with her feet tenderly.
The river went to the moon, and, each evening, once,
The moon went to the sea. And for each drop of Ky, the sea heard my tale once more
And wore my cross for me and let me live for her tomorrow.


I’ll sell you a word
For a rhyme
And a rhyme for a spell.

I’ll sell you a well
To quell your thirst
Then dry my soul
And thirst again.

For your right arm
In holy incense –
I’ll grant you a whish
As selfish and fragrant
As you can dream.

Arise, kind yarn
Of faith and time!
And let be known
There’s war to wage!

Let fires burn
And flags be torn!

That we, the world
With bleeding chests
Be free once more –
Your name must fall!
Your Christian name
The Christian name
They gave their girl.

daca dansul acesta se rezuma la imbratisare si pasi, s-ar putea sa invat doar imbratisarea – este singurul lucru pe care fiinta mea nu stie sa-l faca in mod firesc, fara macar sa se trezeasca din somn

Iti voi darui
Un cuvant, apoi un vers
Si-n mers de sunet
Ma voi croi din vant
In tunet si clinchet.

Iti voi darui
Apa senina, spre iertare,
Si marea, cu nori.

Si de in mine nu ai credinta, roaga-te, la ora cand ma rog si eu, pentru toate dorintele tale.

Iti cumpar fiecare pas
Cu-un ceas. Si-un ceas doar sta
Intre noi doi, cand stam pe loc.
Si de-l asculti, si de-l ascult
Cu orice pas, el e mai mult.

Credinta. Ruga. Ispita.
Sa am munti cu care sa ating ploaia inainte sa cada;
Tonuri de rosu pentru zori,
Ierburi pentru calauzirea aromelor,
Nopti pentru muzica si rascumparare,
Aur pentru mana ta, pe gatul meu, chiar sub urechea stanga.

Milonga incepe cu doi oameni dansand, incet inchizand ochii. Comunismul incepe cu lumea intreaga deschizand ochii.

„Guarda i girasoli: loro si inchinano al sole, ma se uno è troppo inchinato vuol dire che è morto. Tu sei un servitore, non un servo. Servire è l’arte suprema. Dio è il primo servitore; Lui è il servitore di tutti gli uomini, ma non è il servo di nessuno.”

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My dear Jo,

The world is still turning, after yesterday’s assault – it snows with rare, small, icy flakes, and it is cold. It helps to look up, at the gray clouds and the columns of thick smoke, waving in the wind like the sails of a ship.
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Darius sat down near the cherry tree in his garden. The old man looked at the falling petals and through them at the clear sky. He tried to pierce the blue shell of air, as the radio announced, on the background of a laborer’s march, that Youri Gagarin had braved the unknown and is now speaking from Earth’s orbit. Lucas, Darius’ youngest grandson was playing with a loud metal toy, picturing a space rocket. Two neighbors were arguing over the short fence, their two dogs barking at each other, in support. A fire truck siren started to wail and, as the sun reached the edge of the house and just threw the first rays at Darius, a V formation of storks speared over the waking city – and one of them broke from formation and headed towards the old nest, on top the charred chimney.

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Vremea e sa-i spun!
Ea sa ma priveasca –
Uscat si minunat de lumina
Atras in urzeala senina a celor 2 litere
Evoluate si simplificate,
Iscate din visele mele,
Ezoterice si salbatice.

Fara tine, m-am plimbat prin parcul acoperit de zapada, ascultand pasii ce treceau pe langa mine, sperand sa ma cheme de undeva vocea ta, sperand sa se opreasca si langa mine pasii cuiva si sa ma intrebe – „pe cine astepti?” – si eu sa-i raspund ca te astept pe tine, ca sa-ti pot rosti numele si sa-i spun ca te iubesc si sa-mi raspunda ca fac bine ceea ce fac, sa-mi mai dea o zi de curaj.

Fara tine, am privit banca pe care ai stat si am curatat zapada de pe ea. M-am indepartat de ea si am privit-o, pana cand a devenit firesc in mintea mea sa fie goala, fara tine. Dar a durat doar o secunda. Mi-am dat seama ca nu pot sa ma obisnuiesc cu imaginea aceea, pentru ca am simtit cum o secunda de erezie mi-a insangerat o bucata de timp din viata, prin simpla ei succesiune intre celelalte secunde.
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There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

Our wings spread wide, o’er the seas we’ll ride
Braving those angry skies
One day in spring, the sunset’ll bring
The light of joy in our eyes.
And though I’m lost and far
I’ll shine with each shining star.

Tears fall tonight…
But when the dawn comes up

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

There’ll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
When my world is free

The sun will rise from the deep
The valley will bloom again
My soul will lie down to sleep
In its own little heart again

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

Dear Jo,

Jo, my dearest Jo, я люблю вас, je t’aime tant –

My heart is lighter when I say these things to you. And I waited so long, the fool I was! – an autumn with three campaigns in the Airborne, 23 dogtags taken from dead enemies and 16 lost comrades.

I came here with the cold, reasonable explanation that it was meant to be. I left home – I left you, with the serenity and wisdom of one who knows this is just a part of all our lives and there will be many other parts. I knew those parts well too, they were my creation and yours. I went to war because it was a piece of everyone’s life and I had done everything right until that moment, so this just fit in, like a piece of the jigsaw. I would come home, when it was over, with stories of battle to tell our grandchildren.

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In the field with flowers I sleep,
A thin thread of my life painting the blooming petals red –
It leaves my fading heartbeat
To the valley and the rivers and the wonderful tales
That I see unfurling below, in all their beauty.

From a soldier’s last standAlone
I wish to tell you –
That life is grand
That you should be
As happy as you can be.

That there are valleys and fields
And rivers to see, every spring;
And flowers to smell
And oceans to sail on.

That there is music
To dream away
Every second
And every sound of your life.

I wish that, as you learn
The simple things I could not teach you,
When night falls and you go to sleep
You whisper them to me
With kindness, in your prayer.

I wish that, as my story rushes by
On the shores between here and there –
I may hear your voice, in love with me again.

Miracolul ei se aduna, ca drumul unei ate de fum,
Razele ei danseaza printre umbrele palide ale focului
Colindand spectrele dulci ale stelelor.

Lumina ei si lumina mea se apropie,
Linistea aburului lor se tulbura –
Niciodata nu au stiut si viata lor s-a petrecut fara
Miresmele ce s-au iscat deodata,
Ici – colo, cotropindu-le, spulberand zapada de pe luciul de gheata,
Orbind sclipirea lor in suvoiul launtric.

Invizibili aproape, sfintii vegheau nasterea imaginilor in fum –
Ei se stangeau din ce in ce mai mult, eu si ea straluceam si insufleteam zarea.

The Phantom

Cum sclipeau ochii mei prinsi in tine, priveam
Si-mi numaram pasii prin inima –

Si de vorbele tale, pasii mei alergau:
De la a te visa
Era calea
Ce-mi continua viata.

Apoi pasii mei s-au oprit
Ca umbrele vorbelor tale sa treaca inainte
Si de fiecare umbra
Sa se agate un pas

Si de fiecare vorba a ta
Sa alerg, sa chiui, sa ma arunc peste lume,
In fulgi de zapada, cu focuri mici aprinse de veghe,

Sa zbor
Cum nu m-a invatat nimeni.

Numaram pasii, din dinti strangand, asteptand –
Prin dreptul vietii mele sa mai trec o data.

Sublima doamna de argint
Urma, cu pasul meu, prin zid
Miasma mortii matasoasa.
sum summus mus

Surasul ei de foc albastru
Urca pe zveltul candelabru
Miscandu-si raza de lumina.

Minunea palida a iernii
Uitata-n coltul de sub scara
Scancea, istorisind cum, seara –

Miasma mortii matasoasa
Urma, cu pasul meu, prin zid
Sublima doamna de argint.

La multi ani! – celor care inteleg si celor care nu inteleg; celor care zambesc si celor care se supara; celor care ma iubesc si celor care ma urasc; celor care daruiesc si celor care primesc daruri; celor care sunt asemeni cosmosului si celor care sunt asemeni celui mai mic soricel. Primiti cu colindul din partea mea 🙂 ?

Luna de nea,
Sclipind furis,
Incet trecea
Prin ramuris,
Zvonind ceresc

Cat te iubesc.

Si-n lacul bland,
Al salciei glas
Canta, purtand
Un vers ramas –
Prin vant, cu dor,
Cu somn usor.

Adormi si zbori
Si te cuprind
In brate nori,
Din zori vestind:
– O, mandra stea,
E clipa mea.

Moon La lune blanche
Luit dans les bois ;
De chaque branche
Part une voix
Sous la ramée…

Ô bien-aimée.

L’étang reflète,
Profond miroir,
La silhouette
Du saule noir
Où le vent pleure…
Rêvons, c’est l’heure.

Un vaste et tendre
Semble descendre
Du firmament
Que l’astre irise…
C’est l’heure exquise.

I beat my record today, in the University tunnel – 140Kmph. Wet, warm tires on the hard frozen asphalt. The sound of the screaming engine, as a fairy tale nightmare beast chained to the lean, smooth metal and to me.

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Un tigru cu sufletul roată,
Pândeşte la umbră, să-i vină
Lumină, din dor de lumină
Pe iarba de nori presărată.

Un tigru cu blana-nstelată
Asteaptă si-n noapte se-nchină
Sa-i farmeci tăcerea senină
Cu zbor de ninsoare curată –

Să-l scalde-n zăpada adâncă,
Si-asupra-i să cânte-ursitoare:
Descântec pe buze să-i cheme.

Un tigru pe-un vârf alb de stâncă
Urzeste, in marea cea mare
Din ochi, talazuri de vreme.

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Woland: Dorul. Explica-mi.
Deroude: Este o oarecare cruzime din partea ta sa ma intrebi, insa inteleg ca, pentru o fiinta atemporala, poate fi mai greu de inteles. Motivul nu este ca tu, ca entitate, nu mori, sau nu ai un sfarsit similar cu al nostru. Motivul este ca prezenta ta nu este legata de curgerea timpului, deci nu poti petrece involuntar o durata semnificativa de timp departe de cineva sau ceva.
Woland: Nu este o intrebare retorica. Adica, nu incerc sa te provoc sa-mi expui versiunea ta – iar presupunerea ta este corecta: pot exista oricand in oricare moment din timp – dat fiind ca interventia mea in Univers nu este niciodata directa, eu nu sunt legat de secventialitatea vietilor voastre. Foarte probabil, daca la un moment dat as misca macar si o farama de nisip din lume, nu as mai putea din acel moment, sa ma intorc inainte de clipa respectiva. Te rog, insa, explica-mi dorul.
Deroude: Dorul. Dorul e cand simti pamantul cald sub picioare, cand e ger si iti atingi obrajii cu mainile, cand e intuneric si mintea ta completeaza peisajul pe care ochii nu il pot vedea.
Woland: Bine, dar toate acestea sunt perceptiile tale – iti sunt date in mod natural. Ce are dorul cu ele?
Deroude: Dorul… e cand toate perceptiile acestea, dintr-o data, nu mai sunt ale mele.

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Razbate prin ceata zgomot de pasari in zbor
Ea se opreste, ascultand
Glasul aripilor: starnindu-se ezoteric, soptind, tremurand, eliberand miracolul aerului.

Ninge. Scantei de gheata
Aureoleaza parul ei.
Vrajile tinerei ierni o infioreaza, ii strabat trupul cu o unda de fericire.

Ascunse de ochii ei lacomi, siluetele brazilor reflecta
Norocul si tristetea, prin jocul zapezii.

Eretice pete de umbra aluneca precum spiritele literelor
Leganandu-se cu nepasare –
Scriu versurile intamplatoare ale unui destin ipotetic:
Iscat de nori, primit de iarba, cantat de zborul unei pasari,
Luminat de cerul invizibil,
Efemer si, in aceeasi secunda, nesfarsit.

Ninge. Ea se infiripa cu gratie in mijlocul lumii
Zana din trestie si picaturi de cosmos
Iubita fara sansa de razgandire
Orbita de sufletele nenumarate care exista doar pentru ea.

I whispered to my soul – I asked last night:
Will she recall my stranded violin?
-„Never! he answered – if your mind is right,
Stop dreaming, it’s your time to play and win –

Loving this world that dwells right here, within,
You will, once more, come fighting through the day!”
My sleepy wings then flew me sweet and lean
Over the treetops, in their winter sway.

Never!” he answered, as I went away
Asleep, perchance to find my drifting life,
Living, perchance to cloud the world in gray,
In shades of silver, seeding war and strife.

Some day, one August noon, I’ll bring her stars and sand,
And gently, as a child, I’ll hold her longing hand.

With the palms of my hands, I take the light from this day
And into the blind darkness I run forward.

And into the night, my hands shine
My hands warm the stars with hope
And the stars wait, frozen, for better seasons to come
For worse clouds to vanquish.

And, come the year end, I will sit on the hill,
With the palms of my hands empty and scorched
From so much light.

And then, I will want to be somebody else
I will want to love you so much that I may melt with the green plains.
I will want you, my forbidden wonder,
To cherish and bless me from the far mountains –
To send me rain, sparrows and moonlight.